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Flash Voice Buttons is a playback controller built in Flash
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Flash Voice Buttons is a playback controller built in Flash. The application allows you to create flash controls that you can later on put in your website to control audio playback. It has a built-in audio recorder that allows you to record anything that gets played through your computer. The audio recording then gets saved to a .swf file that can be accessed through some HTML coding.

The whole process of creating "voice buttons" is carried out by a wizard. The first step consists in choosing the appearance of your control buttons (play, stop, pause). There are 12 different models that you can choose from. The second step takes you to the audio recorder. There you can record and preview your recordings. After that is complete, you can publish your recording in three different ways: you can either have Flash Voice Buttons create a blank website with nothing but the buttons and the recordings on it, or you can rather save only the HTML part of the controller or the Flash part. Additionally, you can simply copy the generated HTML code and adapt it to a current website.

You can have the recording play automatically when the HTML page is loaded by checking the "Auto Play" setting. However, there is no support for audio looping.

The trial version displays a Flash Voice Buttons banner below your audio playback controllers, which is way better than having an annoying voice message going over your recordings every 5 seconds.

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